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Other articles

  1. RIP CCC

    In July 2016, after several weeks delay, the CCCB baned Jacob Appelbaum, who had raped, blackmailed, assaulted, and abused dozens of people within several communities, including the hacker community. They were commended for their action, and backed up by several other more prominent organisations.

    But the German gestalt is different, and prefers to dole out abuse in private.

    It’s to the point now that I delete emails in my inbox from people with Germanic names, those whom I have never spoken to. And while I’m horrified at my own xenophobic (how do you call disliking your own people?) behaviour… after hundreds of emails I’m no longer convinced that a single one of these people has anything decent to say, let alone to contribute. They don’t belong in this era. I simply delete them.

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  2. CVE-2016-5696 and its effects on Tor

    tl;dr: This vulnerability is quite serious, but it doesn’t affect the Tor network any more than it affects the rest of the internet. In particular, the Tor-specific attacks mentioned in the paper will not work as described.

    Recently, an excellent paper, entitled “Off-Path TCP Exploits: Global Rate Limit Considered Dangerous,” was published by Yue Cao, Zhiyun Qian, Zhongjie Wang, Tuan Dao, Srikanth V. Krishnamurthy, and Lisa M. Marvel at USENIX Security 2016.

    The paper describes the 2012 modifications of RFC5961 to the specification of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), the latter of which is used to transport roughly 90% of our data across the internet. The modification was meant to protect against TCP “blind in-window” attacks.

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